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  • Keepmark 1.13.0

    Another month of work behind me and another issue - Keepmark 1.13.0. This time the work was focused on the context of Persons. However, the introduction of this context is not all that was created in this version.

    Release of Keepmark 1.13.0

  • Bookmarks selective download

    In the upcoming version I added the ability to download only selected bookmarks to the repository from the browser. Now storing bookmarks in the Keepmark will make more sense, because you will not have to constantly remove bookmarks not related to the current repository.

    Add bookmark filter dialog

  • People - the new feature

    The main new functionality in the upcoming Keepmark version is the introduction of a new “dimension” - people. It will make it easier to access documents based on the person context.

    People Feature

  • Keepmark 1.12.0

    From now on, you can start using the new version of Keepmark. I mentioned some changes a little bit earlier - one of them that I like the most is the possibility of sending by e-mail collected documents in Keepmark (the image below).

    Release of Keepmark 1.12.0

  • New Create Repository Dialog

    The release date of the new version is getting closer and closer. I’m still working on the latest minor improvements. Today I finished the changes in the new repository creation window.

    Create email dialog

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