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  • Send documents as emails

    In the upcoming version 1.12.0 the main feature will be the ability to send documents by email. I have already started working on it and here are the first effects.

    Create email dialog

  • Keepmark 1.11.0

    Today was released Keepmark 1.11.0. Another month of my work brought some new features and improvements. I have already mentioned the most important ones in my previous posts.

    Document popup menu

  • Preview in new window

    Work in version 1.11.0 is mainly focused on improvements to existing functionalities. One of these small improvements is the addition of the ability to open a document preview in a new window.

    Document popup menu

  • Organize documents

    I am currently working on improvements in document organization. Convenient file transfer within the repository was one of Keepmark’s weaknesses. As part of the work, the panel with the list of folders was replaced by a tree view, but other details were also improved.

    Documents Tree View

  • Keepmark 1.10.0 released

    As every month, I can announce today the release of a new version of Keepmark. A few changes can be noticed on the screen below, I also wrote about a few earlier.

    Quick Search

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