• Keepmark 1.10.0 released

    As every month, I can announce today the release of a new version of Keepmark. A few changes can be noticed on the screen below, I also wrote about a few earlier.

    Quick Search

  • Excel preview

    One of the suggested features implemented in Keepmark 1.10.0 is a preview of an excel files. The Excel files are very popuar, so quick preview of that files seems to be important for Keepmark users. It’s far from perfection but is pretty usable. Here is a sample preview:

    Quick Search

  • Quick search

    In incoming Keepmark 2.10.0 I’m working on Quick Search feature. It’s the next step in search improvemnts. This feature allows you to open any document localized inside the repository or inbox. To open this dialog you can use keyboard schortut, or new button located in left nav panel.

    Quick Search

  • Keepmark 1.9.0 Released

    And there it is. Keepmark 1.9.0 finally released after another month of work. This time there are some visible changes in GUI.

    Keepmark 1.9.0

  • Task List Improvements

    One of the things, I’ve planed to do in Keepmark 1.9.0 was to improve work with tasks. I think it is one of the poorest area of Keepmark. Tasks were introduced in version 1.1.0 and have not changed much since then. Now I want to show you what will change in the next version.

    Here is how Task List looks in Keepmark 1.8.0

    Old Tasks List

    I’m making some changes for Keepmark 1.9.0. In that version, list of tasks will change like this:

    New Tasks List

  • UI Search Improvements

    From the begining the main search field was located at top bar of the application:

    Old Keepmark Top Bar

    You can see here Keepmark logo, repository switch button and search filed (with query wizard button). I think it didn’t look bad. But in practice - this is not very “friendly” location for search field. List of results is presented in other place - when you see the list of documents and want to find one document, probably you will not remember about this search field located outside the context you’re working on.

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