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  • Resources panel improvements

    Work on the next version continues. Today I would like to show off the improvements in the resource preview panel, in particular the presentation of the list of resources in the document when there is too much of them. Next to the file list, an additional button will appear, which will allow you to reach files that do not appear in the visible area.

    Inbox actions

  • Inbox actions

    In the upcoming Keepmark 1.15.0 I’m working on adding a more user-friendly action calling for Inbox. It will make it easier to decide what to do with the files coming into your workspace. There will be 2 actions under the documents list - removing the document or moving it to the repository.

    Inbox actions

  • Edit tags in repository

    Welcome to the New Year. Work on the Keepmark continues. This time, as a suggestion from one of the users, I’m working on the possibility of editing tags together with a bulk update of the tag in documents. Below you can see the tag editing window.

    Edit tags

  • Keepmark 1.14.0

    Another month of work behind me. Apart from the bugs reported by you, I’ve added some features and some improvements in the interface to make the application more user-friendly (the last one is one of the most frequently reported problems so I’ll try to work on it in the next releases).

    Keepmark 1.14.0

  • Similar documents

    One of the new features I will introduce in Keepmark 1.14.0 will be a sidebar in the context of an open document. The first item on this bar will be the Similar Documents list, from which you will be able to call the preview of the selected document in a new window.

    Similar documents

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