Work on further improvements to the application does not stop. This time I am focusing on working with a single document. Already a lot of smaller improvements in this area have appeared. This time I want to achieve an effect in which, having open 1 document on which we are working, we can easily browse other documents (and not only) without taking our eyes off it. When opening a document in a new window, it will be possible to open the entire work context for it, which at the moment looks like the screenshot below:

Document context

Unfortunately, the work is a lot. However, I will try to cut down a little bit of this functionality at the beginning in terms of what I wanted to achieve, so as not to delay the release of the next version too long. For the time being, I’ve gotten a bit stuck with the web rendering work. I don’t want to write too much about it here, as it’s quite an experimental path for me, but I wanted to move away from standard browser rendering of web pages in this view and harness my own but poorer mechanism.