Basicly I don’t like to talk about mysef, but somehow I should introduce myself.

I’m Tom and I’m the author of Keepmark - but probably you have read it aready in the side panel.

In my daily work, I’m a backend developer at Radpoint (some datails about that company you can find here).

Keepmark is my side project. The first ideas for this project were born arund 2015. Since then I have tried to create this application several times. The last approach to the project started about July 2017 (first backend GIT commit with some features is dated 10 Aug 2017, 21:53 CET). All my work eventually led to the first public release in December 2018. Since then I’m trying to regularly release new improvements and functions. In July 2019 I’ve stared this blog to inform you about my work on Keepmark.

Here is my LinkedIn profile.