Upload email to Sent folder

One of the missing functionalities of Keepmark in the context of alternatives to other email clients was the lack of support for the “sent” folder. From the newest version for email accounts it will be possible to set the IMAP folder to which messages sent by the Keepmark should be copied.

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Block remote content

Until today, I spent most of my time on code refactoring and other technical improvements (I wonder how many new problems this will generate). One of the non-technical features I worked on was the ability to block remote content in HTML files. This function will be particularly useful for people who use the Keepmark to download e-mails as local documents.

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Keepmark 1.18.0

Although in the newest version of the application I have touched many of its areas, I feel a bit unsatisfied here - either the month ended unexpectedly fast, or I have started too many topics while working on version 1.18.0. Some of these changes can be seen in the picture below.

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Settings module

I have recently developed a concept in my mind to modularize the application a bit. Until now, the main view of the application was only one - the list of documents and the preview on the right. I have decided to include the application settings in the main application view as well (instead of a separate window as before). In the upcoming version, icons will appear in the top bar to switch between the document view and settings.

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Unread documents

A new feature that will appear in the next version of Keepmark will be Unread Documents. The functionality is inspired by email clients, where new messages are marked as unread. In Keepmark’s case it will work in a similar way and will apply to documents provided from external services.

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