Project lists

In the upcoming release, another thing that makes the work with the new Tasks Module easier is the possibility of dividing the project into lists. Each list is a separate view and, as in the case of projects, each task can be assigned to many lists and have a separate position on each of them.

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Task relations

Work on the Task module is continuing. I am currently working on adding relations between Tasks, and between Tasks and documents. Adding this functionality will allow you to replace the old document-based Tasks mechanism and make working with both modules easier.

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Keepmark 1.20.0

In the current release I focused mainly on the work on a new module - Tasks. Tasks have been separated from the documents module so that they don’t mix with them, but kept in one application to make the work easier for you. As part of my work on the Tasks I also introduced a little different concept of side menu.

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Task development

I continue to work on the new Tasks. One of the things I’ve been experimenting with lately is the left menu for Tasks. My goal is that whether a menu item has some additional lists (like Projects) or not (like Inbox), the size of the menu bar is the same.

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Starting tasks module

Version 2.20.0 will introduce a new module - Tasks. There is a lot of work. Besides the development itself, I have a lot of conceptual work, or considerations about design. First version (as usual) will not be perfect. For now the new module looks like this:

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