Keepmark 1.42.0

As of today, the new Keepmark 1.42.0 is now available for download. I won’t hide the fact that I wanted to release a bit more changes in it than what went into it, but I haven’t released in a while, so it’s a good time to share what has been done so far. The main new feature is the introduction of a “context” for working on a document, where the document we are working on remains in our view, and independently of it we can browse the other documents in the repository - as you can see in the attached screenshot.

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Document context

Work on further improvements to the application does not stop. This time I am focusing on working with a single document. Already a lot of smaller improvements in this area have appeared. This time I want to achieve an effect in which, having open 1 document on which we are working, we can easily browse other documents (and not only) without taking our eyes off it. When opening a document in a new window, it will be possible to open the entire work context for it, which at the moment looks like the screenshot below:

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Keepmark 1.41.0

I did it! As of today, the new Keepmark 1.41.0 is available for download. There’s not much new this time - it’s a more technical release. The biggest visible change is the new view for tags. From now on, access to tags is in the folder list view, or filters (instead of a separate view), which makes it even more convenient to filter the documents of interest. In addition, these tags can be organized into groups to more easily reach the ones expected, and when working with them, you can select many of them at once. I’ve also worked on increasing the smoothness of the application.

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New tags panel

When it comes to me, one of the less frequently used functionalities is just the document review based on tags. Which is strange, because they add quite a bit of value when searching for documents. I decided to change this a bit and look into why this is the case. I came to the conclusion that the problem here is that they are not very convenient to use in Keepmark, and I set about redesigning this panel. I removed the dedicated view for them and moved them to the filters view (which should also be redesigned) and folders. From now on, tags can be used to further narrow down the filter or folder of our choice. That’s not all though - take a look at the screen below.

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Keepmark 1.40.0

Another month of work and another version of Keepmark ready for download. Within this release you can find 3 new features - cookie management, icon assignment to selected folders (along with minor changes to the folder view), and the ability to add notes to documents. I’ve already mentioned the first 2 in earlier posts, while the 3rd feature seems the most attractive to me. It allows you to add and display notes on the side of a document, making it much easier to work with a particular document, both when creating it and when extracting important information from it.

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