Returning to more regular releases, after a month of work on the new version I wanted to announce the release of the next version of Keepmark. As with the previous version, here too I mainly focused on improvements around the new editor. The new editor now also supports textpack files, and appeared in the views for creating a quick note, tasks, or creating notes for individual documents. Another improvement is additional menu in the editor triggered by ctrl+space, which allows you to work with the editor without taking your hands off the keyboard.

Keepmark 1.45.0

Experimentally, there was also the ability to choose the size of the font to be used in the editor, as well as many improvements to the editor itself (looking through the history of changes, I counted up to 22).

In addition to the editor, there were also fixes for creating folders if we are in a filtered list, and optimizations for starting the application, or searching within it for documents.

For now, I continue the approach as before, that the new editor is not enabled by default - you need to go to settings and enable it there. No less, it is still not the end of work on it, and for sure in the next release there will be another patch package for it.