A little faster this time than last, but with a little less new features - Keepmark 1.43.0 is available since today. In this release I’ve introduced a new minimalist document list view, and to make it easier to configure the view - a new menu for its administration. I’ve simplified the management of deleted documents a little by introducing the ability to view them by deletion session, along with the ability to restore documents that have been deleted in a given session. There have also been some minor improvements.

Keepmark 1.43.0

Below is a list of some additional improvements:

  • The release includes improvements related to opening Tasks in a new window - among other things, you can now mark a task as completed from this window.
  • I have improved the mechanism of re-indexing documents at the start of the application to shorten the process even further.
  • Improvements in the preview of audio/video files especially for Windows - files are now correctly released after the preview, so there shouldn’t be any problems with e.g. deleting or renaming them.
  • I’ve introduced more asynchronous actions - so the app interface should run a bit smoother.
  • I’ve fixed downloading images (for Feeds and Bookmarks) if its address started with // (without the indicated http/https protocol).