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  • New Create Repository Dialog

    The release date of the new version is getting closer and closer. I’m still working on the latest minor improvements. Today I finished the changes in the new repository creation window.

    Create email dialog

  • Support for GPG Private Keys

    Another new feature in the upcoming Keepmark 1.12.0 is support for decryption using a private GPG/PGP key. Until now, PGP/GPG support has been limited to symmetric encryption and decryption (using a password).

    Create email dialog

  • Send documents as emails

    In the upcoming version 1.12.0 the main feature will be the ability to send documents by email. I have already started working on it and here are the first effects.

    Create email dialog

  • Keepmark 1.11.0

    Today was released Keepmark 1.11.0. Another month of my work brought some new features and improvements. I have already mentioned the most important ones in my previous posts.

    Document popup menu

  • Preview in new window

    Work in version 1.11.0 is mainly focused on improvements to existing functionalities. One of these small improvements is the addition of the ability to open a document preview in a new window.

    Document popup menu

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