One of the characteristics of Keepmark (an advantage or disadvantage - depending on the context and the problem you want to solve with Keepmark) is that it stores information/meta-data about documents in sidecar files. This makes it easier, moving the documents along with the meta-data, but also makes it a bit “messy” if we want to view these files outside of Keepmark. In the upcoming version, I wanted to mitigate this problem a bit by providing the ability to export files located in a selected folder.

Export documents

During export, only the document files are copied, without the meta data - so you can easily pull out the documents from the repository, skipping all that extra information Keepmark stores about those files. This functionality becomes especially important when you want to compress a selected folder and send it to someone else, or simply pull files from Keepmark for some other reason, without including all that meta-data.