It’s time for another release - Keepmark 1.39.0. In this release, there is a mechanism for discovering news from web pages (as I mentioned earlier) based on RSS/Atom feeds and headlines on the page - you no longer need to search what is the address for a given page for feeds, Keepmark will do it for you. Another change is the ability to export documents from a given folder in the repository. I also spent a lot of time on improvements to the markdown/textpack editor.

Keepmark 1.39.0

This release also includes:

  • Markdown - fixes in pasting non-formatted text (ctrl+shift+v)
  • Markdown - fixes in scrolling text
  • Fixes in opening preview for Doc/Docx/Xlsx files
  • Dashborad - counters for files in the repository in chart form
  • Refresh button for “similar documents” view
  • Document search - remember settings whether to include clipboard contents or not when searching