Today I’m releasing the latest version of Keepmark - 1.38.0. The most expected new feature here is the introduction of spell check for notes. This way, you don’t have to open the typed text in an external application to verify if there are any typos in the text. To start using this functionality, you first need to import dictionaries in the concerned languages (the app will also help with this). In addition, there are more smaller improvements and fixes. One of them is, for example, the presentation on the list of tasks the information about the project to which the selected task has been assigned.

Keepmark 1.38.0

This release also includes:

  • Introduction of colors for projects to make them easier to recognize on the lists
  • Introduction of tooltips in the editor for links, suggesting where an address leads to
  • Improvements to the context menu for projects
  • Ability to open images from HTML pages and notes in a new window (with the ability to save them)
  • Addition of popups displaying information about a given person (for the author of the document, in the list of people in the workspace and in the list of people linked to a given document)
  • Ability to paste a person’s avatar from the clipboard
  • Ability to remove a person’s avatar
  • Improved loading of images from pages with lazy-loading support
  • Improved memory consumption when opening HTML documents
  • Improved import of feeds (encoding, image recognition)