In the upcoming release I have focused a little more on the editor. I’ve experimented a bit and one of the new features will be the spell checker. This is one of those features that not only I missed. There is a hunspell mechanism that runs underneath, which is used among others in the LibreOffice product. Before activating the function, the user will have to download the relevant dictionaries he is interested in, and then while working in the editor he will be able to decide in which language the spell checking should take place.

Spell check in Keepmark

Specific dictionaries can be downloaded from the app’s settings - just select the particular language you are interested in and Keepmark will take care of the rest.

Work on the spell checker exposed several problems which I also tried to fix. From the minor functionalities in the editor itself - I also added tooltips for selected elements - now, for example, for links when you hover your mouse over them, the tooltip will show the address to which the link leads.