I guess it’s about time to release another bunch of new tweaks and fixes in Keepmark 1.35.0. I’ve mentioned the biggest changes in previous posts - improvements to the document preview in the list, and the ability to automatically assign tags to documents. Another immediately noticeable change is also the appearance of a splash-screen when launching the application. But there is more…

Keepmark 1.35.0

In the new release there is also an option to save bookmarks or feeds with images - so the user can access the whole article offline, not just the downloaded text (not to mention better privacy and access to the full article even if it is no longer available on the site). For feeds, there is also the option to download the entire article instead of just the introduction (as sites usually publish).

List of other changes:

  • possibility to convert articles in HTML file format to markdown format

  • new way of marking out unread articles in the preview list

  • small performance improvements in starting the application, and indexing documents

  • filters - added suggestions for the “location field”

  • visual changes in the window for assigning tags to documents

  • task status preview appearing in task preview dialog in the activity-feed widget

  • ability to assign keywords to tags, and a dictionary of ignored keywords