The new Keepmark 1.34.0 is now available for download. This time there are not so many changes as in the previous release. The main new feature is the added ActivityFeed, which allows you to track the latest changes within a given repository - especially useful if the repository will not be used for some time and you want to get an overview of the latest changes that have occurred in it, or you just want to know what you were working on yesterday.

Keepmark 1.34.0

Another minor feature is the introduction of “working context” to the search. I had a bit more plans for it, but I was stifled by technological limitations. Currently, I add there the clipboard content, which often matches the activity we are working on and without entering additional filters it can suggest the documents we need right now.

In the release there were also smaller fixes - I improved the mechanism of dragging documents, both from outside of Keepmark and within the workspace, improved the speed of opening documents in a new window, or more smooth refreshing the list of files, and its scrolling.