Recently, there was a lack of releases and it was caused by many factors. However, work on the Keepmark is moving forward. One of the reasons for the silence was the large functionality I’m working on - a file synchronization engine for the Keepmark. I haven’t finished working on it yet, but there’s not much left. Within the synchronization engines there will be 2 mechanisms for start - WebDav, and synchronization with another local folder.

Files synchronization engine

At first glance it doesn’t seem to be complicated, but when it comes to details the functionality is quite large and will probably be marked as experimental in the first release. Keepmark will be responsible for file synchronization and I don’t want anyone to lose data because of this. One form of protection can be seen on the screen above. Locally deleted files during synchronization will be put aside with the possibility of confirming their deletion or restoring.

Someone might ask why this selection of synchronization mechanisms. First of all I wanted them to be quite independent from the provider. WebDav is often supported by storage providers - it is standardized and quite popular. The 2nd mechanism - local file synchronization - will enable better integration with similar to Dropbox mechanisms and will add the ability to add some extra encryption layer between the Keepmark and the storage provider, such as Cryptomator or Rclone.

New synchronization feature is planned for the next release - 1.24.0