I continue to work on the new Tasks. One of the things I’ve been experimenting with lately is the left menu for Tasks. My goal is that whether a menu item has some additional lists (like Projects) or not (like Inbox), the size of the menu bar is the same.

Tasks module development again

Therefore, a menu version was created where, if there are no additional sub-menus, we display labels of individual menu items - as in the picture above.

The colours differ significantly from the document module - this is also where I experiment. I’m not sure if this will be the final result, which will be visible in Keepmark 1.20.0.

You can also see a new element “Focus” on the picture. These are the tasks we want to focus on in the near future. In the list of tasks you can see a new element - “star”, which means those elements on which we want to focus first. In the list you can also see 1 completed task. Completed tasks will disappear from the list after a certain time.