It’s time to release a bunch of fixes and improvements I’ve collected in the new Keepmark 1.32.0. Among the changes there are 2 new features - the ability to merge documents, and the ability to open documents using configured external tools. The last one can be quite a powerful and interesting tool to extend Keepmark’s functionality on your own (e.g. by attaching your own external scripts and applications there).

Keepmark 1.32.0

The release also included a lot of smaller improvements. Among them:

  • the mechanism of Persons has been rewritten,
  • new possibility to edit a saved Bookmark
  • faster opening of md and textpack files
  • possibility to directly create encrypted documents
  • fixes in the conflict resolution mechanism for synchronization
  • fixes in Folders mechanism (editing from the Keepmark as well as outside it)
  • moving “export to PDF”, and “encryption/decryption” to document actions
  • … and others.

In this way, your Keepmark becomes a better document organization tool with each release.