Today I released Keepmark 1.27.0. Most of my work was focused on the new Markdown editor (which I’ve mentioned in previous posts). In this release the new editor hasn’t replaced the main note editor yet, but it has already appeared as a description editor in Tasks, and as a smaller component for adding descriptions to documents with inaccessible previews.

Keepmark 1.27.0

Another new thing is the ability to add an additional description to documents, when the file preview is not available, which will allow better recognition, if this is the file you are looking for, without the need to open it. Eventually it would be good to introduce such option for all files - for now, however, I had no idea where to present such information from the GUI side.

There were also some minor fixes in the release (mainly in the synchronization areas):

  • problems with presenting the description of the task if synchronization occurred in the meantime
  • problems with refreshing the list of tasks after synchronization
  • or problems with encrypted WebDav synchronization of files that had no content.

There is now a special place where users can submit their feedback and vote on ideas for application development - Until now I was receiving all proposals and suggestions by email - now it will be possible to submit them on the fly and discuss them in 1 place visible to others, which I hope will allow you to create even more cool features. I haven’t put all your suggestions in there yet, but I will try to add them there slowly.