Lately it has been a bit quieter on the blog. This has to do with my private matters, as well as a bigger topic I’ve been working on recently in Keepmark - support for EML files. This support is in several areas - previewing such a file and its attachments, indexing the content of such a file, and rewriting the mechanism of downloading e-mails to store them in this format (instead of HTML).

EML files support

For those who are not familiar with EML, it is one of the formats for storing emails. It is supported, among others by Mozilla Thunderbird application. The complete email message, including attachments and recipients and all headers, is stored in a single file - this will make Keepmark even better at handling emails.

The changes will be made in the next release, which may also be delayed due to yesterday’s crash of one of the computers on which I am testing and preparing release of the application… Yes, I have a lot of problems lately, but I’m moving forward.