Today I’ve released an update that fixes a few bugs encountered in the application - Keepmark 1.21.2. Instead of waiting for the next big release, I decided that it would be better to deliver these fixes earlier. I like the idea of releasing small updates often, but it takes me extra time that I could spend on application development.

Keepmark 1.21.0

Changes compared to version 1.21.0:

  • Problems with running applications on some computers (fixed in 1.21.1)
  • Problems with decrypting some AES encrypted files.
  • Problems with deleting a file within a document (after deleting a file from document, the whole document disappeared and you needed to reindex the whole repository to see it again)
  • Fixes with cutting the panel in settings (Repository tab)
  • Fixes in application logs (so that more potential problems can be read from them).