Another month of work behind me. Apart from the bugs reported by you, I’ve added some features and some improvements in the interface to make the application more user-friendly (the last one is one of the most frequently reported problems so I’ll try to work on it in the next releases).

Keepmark 1.14.0

Here are some of the more important things that have changed since the last release:

  • Similar documents

    Now you can see documents similar to the one currently open. Double clicking on a document will open it in a new window. This way you will be able to quickly reach documents that may be interesting to you.

  • In Keepmark 1.14.0, you can create links between documents, and associate documents with selected people. This will allow you to reach the documents you need even faster. And with the context of a person introduced in the previous version, you can more easily reach all documents related to a given person.

  • GUI Improvements

    New GUI Improvements make Keepmark more user-friendly. One of them is the redesign of the top panel.