Another month of work behind me and another issue - Keepmark 1.13.0. This time the work was focused on the context of Persons. However, the introduction of this context is not all that was created in this version.

Release of Keepmark 1.13.0

Another new feature that has been introduced is the ability to filter the bookmarks that we want to download from the browser (see the previous entry on the blog).

Next item on the list is the ability to edit the author of the document. Here you can select a person from the list available in the repository, or simply type such an author manually (the picture above). This mechanism is very related with the context of the person. The context of the person was also added in the window of e-mailing the document - now selecting the recipient you can select it from the list of people defined in the repository.

Generally, I closed 21 tasks as part of my work, including other smaller new functionalities, bug fixes and minor improvements in the interface. I encourage you to check out the new, more and more perfect version of Kepmark.