Another new feature in the upcoming Keepmark 1.12.0 is support for decryption using a private GPG/PGP key. Until now, PGP/GPG support has been limited to symmetric encryption and decryption (using a password).

Create email dialog

This is not the end of the story when it comes to changes in document encryption, but it is a step that will be useful especially if we store documents downloaded from the IMAP server and have encrypted messages there in this way.

For encrypting documents for personal use, symmetric encryption using only a password (I think) will be much more convenient. So during encryption/encryption when no private key is selected, it will mean that we want to encrypt the file only with a password.

Private key information is stored at the repository level, but outside the repository folder, so this information will not be synchronized with the entire repository. Keepmark also here does not store the private key itself, nor its password (although it is required when adding such a key for verification purposes).